Recycle Clothing to Preserve the Environment

Fashion is the second biggest cause of pollution in the world (Washington Post 2016, Nancy Szokan). We would like to make an impact on the environment by alleviating the negative effect of textile waste on environment by reusing clothing for a better cause, letting underprivileged kids have clothes that they otherwise would not be able to possess. Only 14.2 percent of textiles in clothing and footwear actually get recycled; the rest ended up in landfills or an incinerator, according to an estimate by the Environmental Protection Agency. Instead of contributing to the growing environmental footprint of fashion, help save the environment and reuse your clothing by donating!


Promote the Self-Esteem and Confidence of Underprivileged Kids

You are what you DRESS. This non-profit is unique, because it allows children and teens to choose specific items of clothing that best expresses who they are through our site. Clothing has a significant effect on self-esteem and confidence, claims professor Karen Pine in her book Mind What You Wear, a book on how a person's attire affects confidence. Furthermore, Jacquelyn Smith of Business Insider explains clothing can even affect more than just your self-esteem, they can affect your success as "clothing significantly influences how others perceive you and how they respond to you." We would like to exert an impact on society by de-stratify the effect of clothing on the social status of underprivileged kids and boost their self-esteem.