Why We Started This Organization

I started this organization to bring other kids the same necessity of clothing, that I take for granted. Wearing a new outfit that I loved always made me feel more confident and prepared for the day. However, I often forget how privileged I was to grow up in a family where I was never worried about having enough. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for millions of households in the US and all around the world. When I went to Shanghai’s migration village, I saw firsthand how little some families had. I visited many preschools to distribute clothes near my father’s hometown, as many kids there were wearing tattered shirts made from scraps of fabric from old blankets and sheets. Their smiles and excitement upon seeing their new clothes warmed my heart, and I wanted to spread the same joy closer to home.

This non-profit is unique, because it specifically targets children and teens in need. It provides them specific items of clothing that they can request through our site. They can choose specific items of clothing that best helps express who they are, and as a result help expand their confidence in their everyday life.

We have a dream that we are not judged by our attires, but by our contributions to the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower kids and teens by giving them access to attire that can often be costly and difficult to acquire.

Often, poverty hits children the hardest, and everyday necessities like clothing, can be hard to obtain.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where we do not need to refrain from going out for what we wear.

We imagine a world where we are not ridiculed or bullied for what we wear. We imagine a world where we are not distinguished from the rest for what we wear.

We imagine a world where we are not socially stratified for what we wear.

Our Volunteers

Sofia Jiang

Founder & CEO
Sofia Jiang attends the Horace Mann School ,NY. As part of her mission to create a more equitable world, Sofia has dedicated herself to social causes and regularly participates in extracurricular activities that exhibit her leadership and commitment. Currently, Sofia is the President of the Bronx Chapter of Talks on Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (TILE), Gold Medalist of Presidential Service Award, volunteer for HM 246 Entrepreneurship, Junior Leader of the LaunchX Club, and Junior Leader of the Human Rights Club. Furthermore, Sofia applies her experiences from Columbia’s Summer course on Entrepreneurship and the edEx Program to continue to build, organize, and develop Dress Up For the Day.

Helena Kagan

Chief Financial Officer
Helena Kagan lives on the Upper West Side in New York City, and she attends the Trinity School. She is on the service council at her school and volunteers at West Side Campaign Against Hunger and at Dehostos, where she tutors children. She uses her experience helping others in order to help build Dress up for a Day.

Sam Chiang

Chief Technology Officer
Sam Chiang was born and raised in New York City and attends the Horace Mann School. He is an active volunteer for StreetSquash, teaches Public Forum Debate at InTech Academy, and tutors Horace Mann Middle Schoolers. Sam is proficient in HTML, CSS, Java, and recently completed a Python-based Data Science class. He uses his experience to help others and is excited to take Dress up for a Day to the next level.

Nina Mussa

Chief Marketing Officer
Nina-Leila Mussa is a trilingual first generation American currently enrolled at the Horace Mann School. To date, she has authored and published an abstract on the ocular side effects of over the counter proton pump inhibitors, volunteers at the Arab American Family Support Center, interns at the One Hope software development department, and is an active member of the Horace Mann Business League, the Horace Mann Review, and the Debate Team. Recently, Nina has begun working as a volunteer at Alfanar, a venture platform for social economic change via micro financing. Her multicultural background, extra and intra curricular activities, and desire to help others, provide her with the insights and motivation to be the Chief Marketing Officer of Dress up for the Day.

Mary Duffy

Policy Development and Research Manager
Mary Duffy has lived in Darien Connecticut her whole life and is a rising sophomore at Greenwich Academy. She participates in local community service, spanning from volunteering at the Norwalk Covenant Center to Squash Haven. This year, she was the top individual fundraiser for the Squash Haven Showdown, fundraising over $5,000. She cannot wait to join in helping Dress Up For the Day.

Danny Jiao

Chief Operating Officer
Danny Jiao is a rising junior studying at Dwight-Englewood School. Growing up in a family background of textiles, he has always had an awareness of the negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry, as well as the importance of conveying one’s style. He hopes through this organization to not only lift others in need, but also encourage a recycling system that is beneficial to society as a whole.

Bryan Jiang

Event Coordinator
Bryan Jiang is entering 9th grade at Horace Mann School, and his life mission is to inspire social change through business and community leadership. Currently, Bryan serves as acting Co-President of Talks on Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TILE), the Bronx Chapter, and Bryan’s intellectual interests have been inspired by participating in public forum debate, a policy oriented, evidence based style of competitive forensics. Subsequently, Bryan has won numerous awards at the regional level. Bryan’s hobbies include chess and tennis, in which he regularly competes. Recently, In addition to his academic and extracurricular commitments, Bryan enjoys reading, writing poetry, and participating in talk shows on a Himalaya radio program. Bryan’s poems have been published in A Celebration of Poets and American Library of Poetry’s Futures.